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I graduated from Southwestern University in 2001 and began exhibiting my work in Austin, Texas. The next year I founded Artspoken Inc. and was awarded a studio scholarship at the Guadeloupe Art Center. I showed work at the center and venues around Austin, including the Vin Gallery.

After a fire at the Guadeloupe Art Center in 2005, I opened Artspoken Gallery and Studios to provide studio space for many of the displaced artists and myself. Passed onto resident artists and restructured in 2009, I’m thrilled to say this studio is now called Austin Art Space in collaboration with the non-profit AVAA.

Presently, my artwork belongs to private collections in Texas, New York, D.C., and Alaska.

I live in Virginia with my husband and our three children.









2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Karen,
    I saw your website via a reply by Tal Thompson and I enjoy your work. We know Tal and I agree with her, these are great. I paint abstracts and landscapes, as well, and am looking to add to my collection to help decorate our new home in Richmond. Are the following pieces for sale: Thrust, one of the Red Ones (I didn’t see titles), or there is a blue/green one under the Landscape section that I like. Please let me know if any of these are available for purchase, I’d love to buy one.
    Lance Fisher

    1. Thank you, Lance. Yes, Tal is great. I’d love to see you work too, so send me a link! To answer your question, Thrust has already sold, but I do have a few landscapes (including ones with green) available. Most are fresco on marble dust panel. I’ve been remiss on updating my website, but I’d be happy to email you pics of available work. Also, I’m currently posting available miniature paintings on my Facebook business page, http://rva artist

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