Karen Suderman is an award-winning artist whose artwork belongs to private collections in Texas, New York, D.C., and Alaska.

Her work is inspired by the relationship between colors, the space around lines, the rhythm within proportion, and the unveiling of beauty in nature.

In her abstract pieces, each image depicts a section of something natural such as a plant, animal, or person. The subject’s natural boundaries become part of the process for each piece.  In her fresco pieces, the medium pushes the direction of the painting — like the grain of the wood directing composition.

In all mediums the balance between the natural world and what is uncovered through artistic process is symbiotic, creating unique pieces that combine something new with something that also feels familiar. The final effect: uncovering what the viewer already subconsciously knows to be there but in a fresh way.

Karen is a graduate of Southwestern University and founder of Artspoken Inc and now Myriad Creative Co. Llc.

After a fire at the Guadeloupe Art Center in 2005, she opened Artspoken Gallery and Studios to provide studio space for many of the displaced artists and myself.  The torch taken up by resident artists, this studio is now called Austin Art Space.

She lives in Virginia with her husband and three children.

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