Show at Annie Kaill’s in Juneau, Alaska

Exhibit at Annie Kaill's

Thanks to my friend Sherri, I have some photos of my exhibit! I think this was the first opening I’ve had long distance. I’m so thankful that friends stopped in to check it out despite an avalanche!!!!!!!!!!! The staff at Annie Kaill’s did an amazing job presenting everything. And to think of all of the pressure I’ve felt hanging shows over the years… I’m just thankful all around.

Exhibit at Annie Kaill's 2

Closing Artspoken Gallery and Studios

Artspoken Gallery

This is the short to medium version….

I  opened Artspoken Gallery and Studios in 2005 in response to losing my studio space and gallery representation because of a fire at the Guadaloupe Art Center and Vin Gallery in downtown Austin. I just needed a space to work in a cultivating environment and I knew others did too. Some of the original goals of the gallery were to provide original artwork, open art space, and professional studios for Austin artists and art lovers. In short, Artspoken Gallery and Studios evolved into a flourishing show space and artist community due to the effort and heart of many.

As many of you know, Artspoken Gallery and Studios turned into a full co-op last September.  I was overwhelmed with the business side of things and starting to have less and less energy for my artwork. The resident artists including Valerie Walden and Jan Knox were excited to help out. Special thanks to resident artist, Rebecca Bennett for managing the gallery for the last year. In January, I moved to Juneau while the gallery continued to function as a professional artist collective.

Knowing that long distant gallery ownership was not in my cards, the artists in the co-op decided to keep the spirit of Artspoken Gallery alive and move into a new location. Their new name is Austin Artspace, which opens in November. I’m so excited for all of them and I hope you will all continue to support them as they strive to enhance Austin’s art scene!

For more information on Austin Artspace you can visit

And yes, I will miss it… the resident artists, the displaying artists, the patrons, the landlord, the neighbors, Bob the cat, my fight with the flower bed, the beautiful light in each studio, the stir of an opening, the inviting atmosphere, the blossoms on some unknown tree in the parking lot… I even got married there.  I am thankful for the opportunities the gallery provided and the replenishment and growth that took place in my life during its duration. And yes, I am relieved. Some things burn in your heart to do and some things only burn in your heart to start. In the 3 years of the gallery, I never really felt like the owner. I always felt like it was given to me just to hold for a time.

The Original SignThe Original Sign

12 Buy Reception

One of the first 12 Buy shows

Bob the CatAnd of course, Bob the Cat

How My Opening Went on September 5th

Leading up to my art opening last Friday, I was thankful for the press coverage and support of the arts in general here in Juneau. You can follow the links below for more details and to listen to my first radio interview. Jeff Brown, the radio host of A Juneau Afternoon was easy to talk to and I felt relaxed talking on air. I don’t think I used the notes on my cheat sheet.

Note to self, don’t spend so much energy on what you may or may not say in life.

The opening itself was successful. It meant a lot to me to share my recent work… post Austin work. I felt very well received by the residents of Juneau and met a lot of interesting artists. I give all Juneau artists props for existing. It really is a lot harder to get materials and to stay dry enough to work.

Capital City Weekly

Juneau Empire/ Hooligan

KTOO Radio, A Juneau Afternoon

“Anew” acrylic fresco on marble dust panel
people’s choice


I’m excited about the opportunity to blog and likewise try to spend more time on my own artwork. Lately, I am most observant of my own approach to each piece. Both the oil on canvas and the fresco on marble dust panel offer boundaries in the process of how I produce each painting. I am interested in the balance of subjectivity and observation, the pull of abstract from real, and the ability to express fully within these limits and freedoms.Swept Into Me

I took down my show today at Vin Bistro. The piece above included. Surrounded by past work is not my favorite way to approach a new piece, but this week I’m going to make it work for me 🙂