Artspoken Gallery and Studios

I’m laughing pretty hard as I write this, mainly due to the pictures that inspired this post. Cathartic laughter? Let’s just say I haven’t updated my website in a while! So, I’m doing some scrolling on where things are at and where I want them to be, etc. etc. and I come across a bunch of artwork I’d saved as media from previous posts and then so many gems with people! Most of them are from Artspoken Gallery and Studios. I have no idea how to download these to share, so I’m writing this post. I continued to paint and exhibit my work after getting hitched, passing the gallery on, and moving away, but I’m at a time in my life (with my littles) that I can return to oil painting again. I think it has been 9 years! And, I fully intend to look at these pictures and hear you all cheering me on by painting in your own studios.

Now, enjoy!

Along with brown paper packages, these are a few of my favorite things

  There’s something about these marble dust panels just waiting to be painted that  gets me every time.  Turning my guest room back into a studio after giving up  painting for  a year of pregnancy and the natural light beaming in the window  aren’t hurting my sentiments either.

The closest thing I can relate it to for my non  arty friends is drinking a morning cup of coffee on a Saturday before you start to make banana pancakes,

or not because your day is entirely up to you.

Eat your veggies before you paint

I had the opportunity to take art to the farm for the Red Wiggler’s Annual Harvest Super and Silent Auction on Saturday, September 10, 2011. Founded in 1996 as a non-profit horticulture therapy and vocational training program for adults with developmental disabilities, the Red Wiggler is obviously a fabulous place.  Check out the event’s Bidding for Good page for more details.

Here are two pieces up for auction at the event created by one of the growers Craig. 

Acrylic on Paper using Yarrow, Cherry Tomato, and Onion

Mixed Media Collage using freshly picked flowers as inspiration 

Evening of Art and Fashion

After spending the day hanging artwork on mirrored panels and creating make shift lighting systems with duct tape and speaker stands, I managed to not have any butterflies left for the opening of Modus Union. By 7 p.m. the crowd arrived filling the cocktail hour and corridor. It was a social affair mixed with art appreciation.

None of the artists had work fly off the walls, but prospective connections were made. I did meet an art agent and Maple Syrup (my dog) may have landed a gig as a fashion dog. My favorite moment of the night was watching a gentlemen read my entire artist statement on an art card and then carefully tuck it into his coat pocket for safe keeping.

Lela Rose’s show was amazing. Her attention to shape and detail was noted.


The challenge for me with this project was keeping with my fine art aesthetic, which is abstract and contemplative. Instead of nature, a stable muse in my life, my inspiration began with the color and line used in Lela Rose’s 2010 spring collection. Sketching and studying such tactile pieces lead me to contemplate structure and then measurements. As the work progressed, I kept coming back to the definition of measurement for me. I’m calling this series “Measurements of Me.”