Artspoken Gallery and Studios

I’m laughing pretty hard as I write this, mainly due to the pictures that inspired this post. Cathartic laughter? Let’s just say I haven’t updated my website in a while! So, I’m doing some scrolling on where things are at and where I want them to be, etc. etc. and I come across a bunch of artwork I’d saved as media from previous posts and then so many gems with people! Most of them are from Artspoken Gallery and Studios. I have no idea how to download these to share, so I’m writing this post. I continued to paint and exhibit my work after getting hitched, passing the gallery on, and moving away, but I’m at a time in my life (with my littles) that I can return to oil painting again. I think it has been 9 years! And, I fully intend to look at these pictures and hear you all cheering me on by painting in your own studios.

Now, enjoy!

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