My Supplies Are Here

Art Supplies

It only look 3 weeks and over $20 to ship, but they are here and I can not wait to start painting. Teaching drawing and painting at The Canvas has only increased my desire to obtain more colors and ready surfaces.  The first layer of marble dust is on, only two more coats to go. I plan to show these (finished) at my exhibit this February.

My heart is stirred.

4th Annual 12 Buy Exhibition

I was happy to participate in the 4th annual 12 buy exhibition at Austin Art Space. It’s always a great show with a large turn out. Somehow I managed to get my 12 buy to Austin from Alaska. I originally started two oils, but ran into Juneau drying issues and sent in a quick sketch instead.  I wish all of the artists involved great success at the opening this weekend!

I’m sure you will be able to see pictures of the event on Austin Art Space’s web site!