Evening of Art and Fashion

After spending the day hanging artwork on mirrored panels and creating make shift lighting systems with duct tape and speaker stands, I managed to not have any butterflies left for the opening of Modus Union. By 7 p.m. the crowd arrived filling the cocktail hour and corridor. It was a social affair mixed with art appreciation.

None of the artists had work fly off the walls, but prospective connections were made. I did meet an art agent and Maple Syrup (my dog) may have landed a gig as a fashion dog. My favorite moment of the night was watching a gentlemen read my entire artist statement on an art card and then carefully tuck it into his coat pocket for safe keeping.

Lela Rose’s show was amazing. Her attention to shape and detail was noted.

Moving takes…

I guess moving from Juneau, Alaska to Washington, D.C. is exhausting. I didn’t think so during the actual flights and drive, but the fact that I’m still reflecting and adjusting means it’s not complete yet. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how to text….and driving past the “end of the road” feels strange. Dressing up in general feels like a luxury and I still feel like I have to catch the sun while it’s out, or I might miss it for a month.

The hardest part for me so far is deciding what I don’t want in my life from before we lived in Juneau. I’m pacing myself. I think we all have opportunities to change our own pattern.

I feel like living in Juneau was a challenge and priceless all rolled up into one.

I think it’s time to start arting.