Show at Annie Kaill’s in Juneau, Alaska

Exhibit at Annie Kaill's

Thanks to my friend Sherri, I have some photos of my exhibit! I think this was the first opening I’ve had long distance. I’m so thankful that friends stopped in to check it out despite an avalanche!!!!!!!!!!! The staff at Annie Kaill’s did an amazing job presenting everything. And to think of all of the pressure I’ve felt hanging shows over the years… I’m just thankful all around.

Exhibit at Annie Kaill's 2

Hit the JACC Putt

You Are Here

Hit the JACC Putt opened on December 26th! In collaboration with artist Sarah Conarro and REACH artists and staff we created hole #5, “You Are Here.”  The detail and work that the REACH artists put into every arrow and pointer is fantastic. The “hole” is Juneau and the ball comes out at “The Canvas.”  Some of my favorites details are the freehand images on the Alaska platform including a kayaker, black and polar bears, and stars.

Hit  the JACC Putt will run from noon to 5 through Thursday, January 8th. You can also check it out on First Friday!

Out of the Rain Calendar

United Way Calendar Cover

The Juneau Homeless Coalition is awesome. I designed this year’s calendar for the United Way of Juneau. The photographers and participants are having an opening tomorrow night at the Glory Hole. I was impressed by Juneau’s photographers that donated their time and heart to the project. I also learned  a lot about psd’s. Probably more than I would like to know…

Show this September

Another Heart

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to show recent works this September at the Juneau Art and Culture Center. I was selected by the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council for a solo exhibition. It’s exciting to think that all of my works will be made in Juneau too. This of course means pulling from the nature Alaska has to offer. Everything is in bloom here (except for berries, I’m told they are ready to pick in late July or August). It seems fitting to push myself to produce a full show.

The “First Friday” opening is September 5th, 2008. The exhibit is available to see throughout September.