Holding onto Juneau, exhibition

I finished my art invitation and got my press release out today!


A collection of recent works in marble dust by Juneau artist Karen Suderman.  Entitled “Holding onto Juneau,” the works are atmospheric and ab-stract representations of Juneau’s myriad landscapes.

2 thoughts on “Holding onto Juneau, exhibition

  1. What beautiful insight you communicate, not only by your words, but also through your art work. If one can’t come to Juneau to experience its grandeur, visiting your website surely is second best! Thank you for putting your heart and love into all the things your work represents. Amazing!

  2. Hey Karen! This is a great blog! I’m planning on stopping by the new gallery space and hopefully visiting with Becky soon. Life with the twins is getting easier, and I hope to get back to work soon (my work, not the job work…ew!). I really miss you!

    Leigh Ann

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