Moving takes…

I guess moving from Juneau, Alaska to Washington, D.C. is exhausting. I didn’t think so during the actual flights and drive, but the fact that I’m still reflecting and adjusting means it’s not complete yet. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how to text….and driving past the “end of the road” feels strange. Dressing up in general feels like a luxury and I still feel like I have to catch the sun while it’s out, or I might miss it for a month.

The hardest part for me so far is deciding what I don’t want in my life from before we lived in Juneau. I’m pacing myself. I think we all have opportunities to change our own pattern.

I feel like living in Juneau was a challenge and priceless all rolled up into one.

I think it’s time to start arting.

Show at Annie Kaill’s in Juneau, Alaska

Exhibit at Annie Kaill's

Thanks to my friend Sherri, I have some photos of my exhibit! I think this was the first opening I’ve had long distance. I’m so thankful that friends stopped in to check it out despite an avalanche!!!!!!!!!!! The staff at Annie Kaill’s did an amazing job presenting everything. And to think of all of the pressure I’ve felt hanging shows over the years… I’m just thankful all around.

Exhibit at Annie Kaill's 2

Holding onto Juneau, statement

Karen Suderman, statement

Holding onto Juneau

It’s been more than a year now since my husband and I arrived in Juneau. As a constant observer of details in nature, I feel taken back by the grandeur of it all. How could I ever take it all in, or with me?

You can’t hold onto the vast landscape, keep the snow or capture the wildlife with any one view.  But you can experience it all in instants.  That is all it will lend you, because in its permanence it changes constantly.

One step after another, you will never see the same horizon. You can’t recreate the force of a glacier that focuses so much energy on being compact, the soft relief that winter can bring after the rain, the innate respect of things larger than yourself, or the glory in a person’s kindness here.

You can only partake in its fullness for a moment, and then hold on to who you are because of it.

This collection is who I am, holding onto Juneau.

Hit the JACC Putt

You Are Here

Hit the JACC Putt opened on December 26th! In collaboration with artist Sarah Conarro and REACH artists and staff we created hole #5, “You Are Here.”  The detail and work that the REACH artists put into every arrow and pointer is fantastic. The “hole” is Juneau and the ball comes out at “The Canvas.”  Some of my favorites details are the freehand images on the Alaska platform including a kayaker, black and polar bears, and stars.

Hit  the JACC Putt will run from noon to 5 through Thursday, January 8th. You can also check it out on First Friday!

Christmas in Juneau

Christmas Card

We did it. We found the perfect tree, carried it home, somehow made it stand up straight, and adorned it with homemade decorations.

I’m excited about having a white Christmas.  I think the odds are in my favor.

My brother took the photo above! You can see more of his work by visiting Tracy Harton Gallery

Out of the Rain Calendar

United Way Calendar Cover

The Juneau Homeless Coalition is awesome. I designed this year’s calendar for the United Way of Juneau. The photographers and participants are having an opening tomorrow night at the Glory Hole. I was impressed by Juneau’s photographers that donated their time and heart to the project. I also learned  a lot about psd’s. Probably more than I would like to know…